Meet Our Missionaries

Missions may be defined as ministries in accordance with the Lord Jesus Christ’s Great Commission: to “go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” (Matthew 28:19–20; Acts 1:8). The mission program of Berean Baptist Church encompasses outreach to our local area and extends to the uttermost of distant shores. Berean Baptist Church also recognizes its responsibility to field and support missionaries to spread the Gospel of Christ in a focused and urgent way in the time remaining before the Lord’s return.

Eddie and Rachel Andersen serve in Northern Kenya with their six children: Uriah, Ja-el, Acacia, Miriam, Silas, and Ezra. Located in Dukana, Kenya, the Andersen’s work includes evangelism and discipleship through practical skills and Bible teaching. They work among the Gabbra people, a nomadic pastoralist group who live in the desert herding camels, cattle, goats and sheep. The Gabbra people are an unreached people group of 89,000 people with approximately 200 known believers.
The Andersens have lived in East Africa since 2008. Eddie grew up as a missionary kid in Kenya and Rachel comes from Michigan. They met at Bible college while pursuing degrees in cross cultural studies. Eddie uses his skills in mechanics and engineering to reach out to people in the community while Rachel, pursuing midwifery studies, is able to build relationships while helping women and babies. Their children are home schooled as well as attend a boarding school for missionary children located in Kenya.







Seth Beebe

Seth came to know Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior as a child, while living in Nova Scotia, Canada.  His family moved to Maine and he was baptized at age 8 in Livermore, Maine. Seth grew in his heart for the Lord and for people.  Through his studies at Word of Life Bible Institute, he was called into Christian ministry.  This call would be affirmed while studying at Baptist Bible College (PA.), ministering in Indiana, and studies and ministry at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (KY.), where he obtained his MDiv in Missions, Evangelism, and Church Growth.

Over the past 12 years, the Lord put a burden for Canada on his heart, an interest in engaging people from other world religions, cross-cultural ministry, and a desire to engage in cutting-edge missions’ strategy of reaching the unreached people groups who are immigrating to Global Cities in the West.  Having previously worked in missions in Toronto, from 2011-2013, Seth is now back in Toronto with Global Gates to proclaim the gospel, make new disciples, form churches, develop leaders and strengthen existing churches in the task of reaching the ends of the earth through Toronto.

Growing up in Maine, Seth, is a lover of the outdoors and a diehard Boston Red Sox fan.  You can take the boy out of Maine, but you can never take Maine out of the boy – Ayuh!

Judy received Christ as her Savior when she was eight years old, while attending church with her family (Navy) in Tennessee. When she was 12 years old, the Navy moved her family to Maine, and it was at Berean Baptist Church that the Lord began to draw her heart towards missions. At the age of 14, while at Word of Life camp, she committed her life to the Lord to go anywhere/do anything for Him. Judy began teaching 5 Day Clubs with Child Evangelism Fellowship the following year. She graduated from Tennessee Temple University with a BRE in missions in 1986. She then worked for a year and a half while researching mission boards, until God led her to ABWE in mid-1988. In September of 1990, after just over a year of working, raising support and then attending linguistics training, Judy left the U.S. for language study in Quebec, Canada. She arrived in Togo on March 1, 1992. She was instrumental in developing the literature ministry there, leading to the opening of the Communications Resource Center (CRC) in 1996, which she continues to manage. The CRC is a bookstore and print shop that provides affordable Christian books and literature to the local people in several languages. Additional ministries include creation and missions photography, Community Health Evangelism, and organizing a teen girls’ monthly class http://www.abwe.org/
Eric & Lori live in Oakland, ME they have three children Courtney, Nathan & Kristyn.
Our ministry is to help local churches reach the youth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
My goal is to help equip today’s youth leaders with the tools they need to change people’s lives! We help them build a firm, biblical foundation in the lives of those to whom they minister in the local church. The base of our ministry is a biblical program founded on biblical principles! We believe that it isn’t the program, but God’s Word that makes the difference in people. God’s Word changes lives and brings hope. These principles can be more easily applied with effective tools – that’s where the program comes in. Word of Life’s purpose is not primarily to entertain people but to energize them to become obedient Christians living a dynamic life.
Kent and Becky Bryant are leaders of the Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) work in the island nation of Fiji. Before their marriage, Becky served two terms in Gabon, West Africa as a CEF missionary. Kent started as CEF missionary to Fiji in 1986. Their passion is to train teachers to teach the Word of God to boys and girls. The Bryant’s have two children.

CEF has been in Fiji since 1953. The national office has either been a rented apartment or home. For the past eleven years, it was in the Bryant’s home. In 2007, God provide funds to purchase a piece of property on which to build a national CEF office. In 2010, a boundary fence was erected to provide security. Because there is no indoor training facility in the current house, which also has significant structural issues, the Bryants hope to soon construct the new office/training center.

After graduating from New Brunswick Bible Institute, NBBI, Jim spent a year and a half as an assistant pastor. He and Debbie were accepted as career missionaries to Uruguay in December 1978. Deb, a “PK” from Maine, is also, an NBBI graduate. Jim and Debbie Carter have been church-planters in Uruguay since, 1981. Their most recent work is a new church in the city of La Paz, started in 2000. This work has grown to the place where it should be turned over to a national pastor, as the Lord provides, during this next term of service. They have three children grown children, 2 daughter-in-laws, and 2 grandchildren. Their daughter Abby is also serving in Uruguay, as a missionary with CEF.
David and Jonalie both came to the Lord at early ages and attended Bible College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Upon finishing their studies in Missionary Aviation and Christian Education, they entered work with New Tribes Missionary in Bolivia in 1991. In 2003, them to serve at New England Frontier Camp for three years. Then they focused on raising their family until January of 2014, when the Lord called them back full time serve at Camp Big Horn in Plains, MT

Joe is one of our “Home-Grown” missionaries from Berean. In January 2000 he followed God into fulltime ministry with CCC on the Orono campus of the University of Maine. Joe met Angie on a Lifelines summer project and they were married in 2003. At the University of Maine 75% of all freshmen indicate they have no spiritual background. Joe helped start the Lifelines ministry at the U of M in 2000. Lifelines is the outdoor/adventure ministry of CCC whose mission is to use the outdoor experience to help students grow in their relationship with God, with each other, and in leadership/character. We seek to be involved in Non-Christians lives long term in order to help guide them into a saving faith in Jesus Christ. In 2010, The Lifelines ministry expanded to it’s sixth campus at Cornell University, and now have 26 full time staff and 4 interns. Joe and Angie live in Old Town, Maine
Thom and Carolyn have served as Berean missionaries since 1972. They worked as Biblical Ministries Worldwide missionaries in evangelism, disciple making, and church-planting in Austria (1972-82), England (1983-85), and Scotland (1986-1994). Since 1995 they have served with New Tribes Mission Now ETHNOS360 and have labored in Papua New Guinea, Scotland, and England, challenging, equipping and mobilizing Europeans for tribal missions. Since 2006 Thom and Carolyn have been serving as Ethnos360 representatives/ mobilizers in New England, and making frequent ministry trips to Europe, speaking and teaching training seminars in churches, and teaching evangelism and discipleship at the Ethnos360 European Bible & Missionary Training Center in England. In July of 2011 they returned to full-time ministry with Ethnos360 Europe in United Kingdom.
We have lived and worked in Brazil for over 25 years and have been involved in church planting, church revitalization, theological education, children’s ministry and publishing.

I (Ken) am the Executive Director of Vida Nova (New Life) publishing house located in Sáo Paulo, Brazil. The goal of Vida Nova’s publishing ministry is to provide a full catalog of resources to support the ministries of churches and seminaries throughout the Portuguese-speaking world. Vida Nova is the leading publisher of academic works in support of the training ministries of churches, seminaries and Bible schools. Additionally, our catalog of over 450 titles provides ample materials for pastors and churches as they grow and develop in their faith and lives before God.

In addition to leading the publishing house, I also pastor a small church and teach at a couple of extension seminaries. My goal is to train and develop church leaders as well as provide spiritual leadership.

Besides caring for our family, Luci works as a Pre-K teacher at the Pan American Christian Academy where our two sons, Mike and Mark are in high school. Our daughter, Melissa, is currently studying in the USA

Ed served as a church planter in Argentina for four years before moving to his current work in Honduras. While in Argentina, he helped to complete the process of planting two churches in Corrientes and Leguna Seca as well as training leaders to take over these works. These men he trained are presently pastoring these two churches. Since moving to Honduras, Ed has been conducting small group classes for selected members of churches he has helped to start, enabling them to become qualified church leaders. Ed met his wife to be in Santa Rita, Copan, where he worked for four years. They were married March 16th, 2008 in the local Baptist church. Soon after the wedding, Maria began a two year nursing program from which she graduated May 30th, 2010. In 2009, Ed & Maria bought land in San Rafael Mataras, Ocotepeque, and Ed built them a home from which to start a new work. Ed continues his teaching and church planting while Maria offers health care in the area as will as giving out the Gospel. With two churches established in Copan, Ed has begun working with believers from four outlying towns to establish churches there.
Dustin and Hannah graduated from Messiah College in 2006. Both have a passion for sports, and serving the Lord. Upon graduation the Lord led them to a small ministry in Pennsylvania called Push The Rock. Since 2007 they have been involved in various camps and programs working with the local church to use sports as a platform to present the Gospel. Dustin began serving full time at Push The Rock in 2008 and currently oversees all domestic programs within the Greater Philadelphia Region. Hannah works as a Physical Therapist, and participates in Push The Rock programs as she is able throughout the year.
Doug Rogers was born to Dan and Elaine Rogers, missionaries to Mexico for 34 years. Doug grew up on the mission field and became actively involved in ministry at the age of 13. He was interim pastor at a church in Mexico by the age of 15 and started independently planting churches at the age of 23. His wife Jana was born to Philip and Bonnie Gabbard, missionary evangelists in the U.S.A. In 1999 Doug and Jana were married and returned to Mexico where they planted three churches. During those nine years, Doug and Jana had three children, Joshua (13), Jocelyn (8), and Benjamin (6). In 2008 Doug and Jana moved to the U.S.A. to plant a Spanish speaking church and to evangelize the multiple migrant work camps in the state of NC. In 2009, Doug’s dad had a massive stroke while in Mexico. As a result of his dad’s subsequent death Doug took the responsibilities lift in his dad’s absence. Under Doug;s leadership, the ministry in Mexico continued to grow and showed the need for Doug and Jana to raise financial support and resume full time mission work. In 2012 Indigenous Church Planting Ministries was born with the purpose of establishing training centers to train church planters and plant churches in all of Latin America. God has given Indigenous Church Planting Ministries the 10×10 vision: open training centers and establish multiplying churches in 10 countries in the next 10 years. Doug holds a B.A.S. in religious studies from Bible Baptist Seminary in Mexico and a B.A. in Bible and Theology from Louisiana Baptist University. He is currently completing his Master’s Degree in leadership
Born in Brunswick, Maine and raised in Bowdoin, my mother taught me about the Lord from a very early age. When I was 5, I realized that I was “naughty” and needed Jesus as my Savior so prayed for salvation, with my mother reminding me of the Gospel truths. I attended Glen Cove Christian Academy and New Brunswick Bible Institute. In 1980 I attended the CEF Institute (now Children’s Ministries Institute) in Missouri and in 1982 went to Alaska to work full-time with Child Evangelism Fellowship. I lived in Anchorage and served there in an internship until March of 1985 when I moved to Fairbanks. I worked there as a field worker/director until 2012. At that time my mother was very ill so I contacted CEF in Maine and found out that I could just transfer and work with CEF in Southern Maine. What a blessing. I am now a field worker here in this big mission field of kids who need to know the Lord. I am very thankful to be part of a team and not trying to do so much alone. Matthew 18:14- “In the same way your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should perish.”
State Work and Southern Maine Chapter
Child Evangelism Fellowship® (CEF®) is a Bible-centered organization composed of born-again believers whose purpose is to evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to establish (disciple) them in the Word of God and in a local church for Christian living. Livermore Falls, Maine Camp Good News, Blueberry Mountain Bible Camp, Ministry includes running and maintaining the two camps. Summer this past year celebrated the following:

608 kids attended Camp Good News; 94 attended Blueberry Mountain Bible Camp; 175 kids went to River of Life Bible Camp 606 kids attended Day Camps; 868 attended 5-day Clubs and VBS’s4,945 people received the Gospel message through Literature distribution and Open Air 117 teens attended Christian You in Action This winter upcoming events include winter camps, a teen retreat, a Pastor’s retreat, and a Root Cellar Retreat. Then, or course, everyone will need to gear up for the busy camp season this summer. Currently they are hoping to complete a new girls bathroom at Camp Good News.

Our Mission
The New Brunswick Bible Institute was incorporated with the purpose and objective of establishing a school for the training of young men and women in a thorough and practical knowledge of the Bible and to meet the needs of all the various evangelical bodies for trained workers in the Maritime Provinces in particular, and home and foreign work in general.
We believe that the New Brunswick Bible Institute should ever be a school where the Word of God is taught, practiced and honoured. The school should remain…

Solid in discipline. Spiritual in outlook. Missionary in outreach. Simple in faith and practice.

“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” – 2 Timothy 2:15